Why You Need Winstrol For Better Performance

Winstrol is also called Stanozolol and it is definitely one of the most popular anabolic steroids on planet earth. It was developed in the late 1950s and has been use since then. Some famous athletes who have used this drug for track and field events claim the drug is so effective that if you take it, “you will stroll to a win”. In their opinion, this is why the drug is called “Winstrol”. This may well be true because this drug is very effective for sprinters, bodybuilders and weightlifters. Just look at the performance of Ben Johnson at the 1988 Olympic Games if you have any trouble understanding Winstrol results.

Qualities of Winstrol

This drug has the ability to increase physical strength. The good thing about this drug is that you get a double advantage if you take it. Some steroids increase power and some increase speed. Winstrol increases both power and speed. For this reason, you can use it if you are a sprinter and you can use it if you are a bodybuilder. Another great quality of Winstrol is that it you do not get unwanted mass if you take this steroid. In addition, Winstrol helps build endurance and gives you stronger bones. This drug is available in both oral and injectable form so you can take the one that is convenient for you.

Winstrol Dosage

If you are taking this drug, the right dosage depends on your purpose for taking the drug. There are different dosages for bulking and cutting. You also have a different dosage for sprinting, marathons and other track and field events. Your dosage also depends on your body weight, sex (male or female) and drug tolerance. Generally, Winstrol is a safe steroid but it is better to consult your medical expert so that you work out the dosage that is just right for you.

Side Effects

Winstrol is generally well-tolerated by most people. This drug has cardiovascular, androgenic and estrogenic side effects. Take this drug in accordance with the right dosage. Look out for any inconvenient side effects and discontinue use if notice anything abnormal. This is how to get the most out of Winstrol.