Why Is Testosterone Propionate So Popular

Testosterone Propionate, anabolic steroid, is one of the most popular esters in the bodybuilding world. This is because athletes and bodybuilders understand the need for supplementing their cycles with enough test. But why is testosterone Propionate so popular? It is simply because it works faster giving crazy energy bursts, increasing muscle mass and strength.

What you should know about Testosterone Propionate

Introducing synthetically made testosterone will require an ester to regulate its release into the blood stream. While these esters are many in number, Propionate has remained popular among bodybuilders. Testosterone is the parent compound and the esters are attached to the main chain. The longer the ester, the longer the delays in fully releasing test into the blood. On the other hand, short-ester compounds like Propionate, works within a short time. For instance, it is absorbed within half an hour of administration making it extremely potent.

The gains from Testosterone Propionate

There are numerous ester lengths and Testosterone Propionate ester is the shortest. This proves to be beneficial for athletes and bodybuilders since they gain rapidly without experiencing serious side effects like water retention which are common with long-ester. In addition, it burns fat, increases sex drive, improve strength, increase muscle mass as well as reduce the risk of heart and coronary conditions.


The half-life of Testosterone Propionate is about 24 hours so be sure to take it every two days or daily if you can tolerate it. While bodybuilding and performance enhancement is highly demanding, the dosage may be different. To maintain test levels, take 50 mg every other day to a maximum of 200 mg per week. For bulking, take 400 mg per week of 100 mg every other day or even double the dose if you can tolerate that but nothing higher.

Post-cycle Therapy

Taking Testosterone Propionate for more than three weeks will definitely suppress the body’s natural production of testosterone hormone. For this reason, be sure to take a PCT three days after completing your cycle or 10 days for long esters. Clomid or Nolvadex is suitable for this treatment. Testosterone Propionate is popular because it is fast acting so be sure to take it 30 minutes before workouts to reap maximum gains.