Parabolan – 5 Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

Once upon a time, exercise was a part of everyday work, whether inside or outside the home. Today, many people spend their work shifts in a chair, with an occasional stroll to the copy machine. Even if you make an extra effort to get in your aerobic and strength-building exercise after work hours, the negative effects of too much sitting are hard to counter. Here are some exercises, you can do at your desk (and in many cases, your co-workers won’t have any idea what you’re doing!).

Move It

Even if you have a standing desk, it’s hard to get in any cardio at work. However, you might try toe tapping. Tap your toes on the floor under your desk fast as you can. Go one better by alternately lifting each foot off the floor an inch or so— sort of like running in place while sitting still. This is one desk exercise that may not be completely inconspicuous, but you may find that it does kick your pulse up a bit, which is what cardio is all about. You can add to the benefits by always taking the stairs (at a jog or two at a time if possible) or making sure that anytime you walk anywhere you walk at a good fast clip.

Going for the Glutes

Your gluteus Maximus takes the brunt of long-term sitting. However, the glutes are muscles that respond nicely to isometric exercises, which are very easy to perform while sitting in a chair. Simply squeeze the buttocks together and hold, then release. Start with a five to 10-second hold and gradually work up to a full minute. You can perform this while seated at your desk or in meetings. It’s not only isometric, it’s also invisible. For a more visible variation on this one, stand up, bend your knees until you’re in semi-squat position and contract the glute muscles. Slowly sink into your chair.

Leg Lifts

Since your desk hides your legs, it’s easy to raise them. Slowly straighten one leg and hold in place for five seconds or longer. Up the ante by doing both legs at the same time. You can even buy Parabolan¬†online and keep ankle weights in your desk drawer to add to the effect. Another isometric leg exercise focuses on the inner thighs. Put a rubber ball (also tucked into a handy drawer) between your knees. Press the knees together, hold for a count of 10, then release.

Stretch It Out

Your neck, shoulders and upper back often wind up stiff after a hard day on the phone or in front of the computer screen. Stretch the neck muscles by slowly lowering your head sideways to the shoulder, then stretch to the other side. Hold the stretch for a few seconds. Do this slowly, as a tight muscle can go into spasm if you stretch and then suddenly return to the starting position. Stretch the shoulders by gently lifting your arms to shoulder height and trying to touch your elbows together behind your chair.

Strong-arm Those Upper Extremities

Odds are you rarely do anything at work that would pump up the muscles in your arms. To correct that, sit with feet on the floor and spine straight. Clasp your hands together as you would if giving yourself a handshake (one thumb pointing up and one down). Pull hard and hold for at least 10 seconds.

Whilst these “deskercises” may seem like no big deal, doing them regularly can make a difference. Of course, they should go along with a regular exercise program. For optimal health, you need Parabolan for sale, aerobic, flexibility, balance and strength-building exercise.