Fitness: Exercise Ideas For Kids

Kids today, more than any other time, need to keep fit. That’s because kids today are living very sedentary lifestyles where they sit at home and play video games or browse on the computer all day. As part of growing up, kids needs to stay fit by undertaking activities that exercise their bodies. They key to getting kids to stay fit lies in choosing engaging activities that achieve this goal while giving the kids a fun time. Below, check out a number of ideas that fall under this category.

Playing outdoor sports

First up, get your kids to drop the computer games and try out real-life outdoor sports. Outdoor sports are fun because they get your kids to engage in something fun outside the house together with other people. Some of the best sports that will offer your kids a workout are soccer, basketball, tennis, etc. basically, anything that will involve your kids running around is perfect. These sports will help your kids to burn fat, tone muscle, and get a cardio workout.


Another perfect workout for kids is cycling. As it is, kids love cycling as a way to pass time. However, they can also cycle as a way to exercise. This entails cycling continuously over set distances while moving at a medium or fast speed. That way, they will exercise they legs, get a cardio workout, and burn some calories. If they can cycle off-road or uphill, that will give them even more of a workout. Cycling competitions are also great as they encourage more time on the bike.


Walking is great exercise choice for adults. However, when it comes to kids, walking is boring. This is why hiking is a more appealing choice for this age group. Kids love to hike because it takes them to cool places. And as it turns out, hiking is an even better way to exercise because it involves walking over longer distances and through challenging terrain. As a result, hiking works the legs more, burns fat, and offer a great cardiovascular workout as well.


Last but not least, your kids can also enjoy a fairly good and healthy workout session through swimming. If you own a swimming pool, encourage your kids to take their time in the water more seriously. If they can engage in competitive swimming, even if only at home, it will do their bodies a lot of good. Swimming offers cardiovascular exercise and gives the entire body a workout, from the arms to the legs.

Worried that your kids may be getting unfit? Have them take on several of these fun activities and set them on a road to fitness.