Buying Legal Roids ( Prohormones ) Today

These supplements have such diverse and quite miraculous applications in medicine for so many different human ailments and conditions but nevertheless legal steroids have gotten a somewhat sinister reputation due to the press they have gotten in the world of competitive bodybuilding and weightlifting. When it was discovered that athletes could achieve marvelous gains quite rapidly, word spread of the raw power of the steroid in the realm of competitive weight training sports. Guys were thrilled when they were able to put on anywhere from fifty to one hundred pounds literally overnight while sticking to their (rigorous) weightlifting schedule and cycling doses of anabolic steroids as recommended by the manufacturer’s label. Even before the onset of the Internet, word of mouth about the wonders of steroids spread like wildfire. So much so, in fact, that very soon, commissions had to be established to carefully regulate the biochemistry (through urinalysis) of athletes suspected of trying to obtain an unfair competitive edge.

The commissions, the scandals, the shame and disavowal of crown prince athletes accused and found guilty of doping did not stop the majority of the type-A personalities in their quest of Perfection. Despite the crackdown of the use of these supplements by officials and commissions in the world of competitive sports, the use of these supplements by serious and budding athletes did not stop in the world of weightlifting. It even spread over into the world of professional American football and baseball players. Such was the hype that obscenely paid mega superstar athletes were gambling everything: their families, their careers, their health, and even their very lives, in the pursuit of monster freak athletic skills and a super physique that only Superman could look down upon.

Although the outcry about doping and the use of legal steroids, the implications of such use on the health of the human organism has died down somewhat in the last decade or so, the concern for the use of these supplements is still widespread. Literature is still being produced about these chemicals (and yes, they are chemicals) and the long and short term effects they have on humans. While much positive good has come out of the use of legal steroids (by doctor’s prescription for the treatment of kidney failure, injuries of muscular and connective tissue, corneal treatments, etc.) the truth is that these performance enhancing supplements are still being obtained by athletes with one goal in mind: physical perfection or athletic dominance. While studies indicate that the body is more likely to heal and recover from any damage that may be caused by the regular use of such a dangerous and harsh drug on the body, the fact remains that there are the super athletes that do not even follow manufacturer’s advice. Health comes only once and you only live once. Consult a doctor and proceed with caution when starting these drugs.